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Do you feel drained and no longer gratified by your work?

It is our goal to develop constructive reorientation solutions in partnership with you, so that you will again experience job satisfaction. The knowledge of our trained psychological counsellors, coupled with our years of business understanding enables us not only to define solution strategies, but also to provide the support to help you implement them.

Has increased stress at work already impacted your health and well-being?

Demands and pace are steadily increasing in today’s working world. This is why it is critically important that you promote and protect your health, vitality, as well as physical and mental performance. Our vitality coaching services experts can support you in this crucial endeavour.

Are you unhappy with your career progression?

Dorigo AG can help you take ownership of your personal and professional growth. We will provide you with a set of methods that will empower you to recognise and embrace opportunities. At your request, we can also provide you with concrete proposals thanks to our and active networks in various fields.

Are you unaware of your untapped potential and talents?

Our consultants trained in psychology will be pleased to help you reveal your strengths and development potential, and shed light on weaknesses you should address. With this knowledge, you can be confident that you are heading in the right direction. Our many years of experience in various fields allows us to go a step further than providing analysis – we can also help you implement change.

You don’t have a plan for achieving your goals?

We can help you define a clear plan for reaching your personal and professional goals. Following our structured processes, together we can outline the necessary actions that will step-by-step lead you closer to attaining your goals. Individualised personal coaching sessions over a can further help you long-term implementation.

Can’t find the right job?

You know exactly what your dream job is – the one where you can make the most of your potential – but you are having trouble finding a suitable position? Dorigo AG can solve this issue for you. Thanks to our broad network and our years of experience, we can provide you with direct access to key decision makers in top organisations.

Do you have problems in emphasising your potential during job interviews?

The interview process is a decisive factor in the recruiting process. Our consultants can help you optimally and authentically present yourself, your skills and your strengths during the interview. With detailed preparation, we can help you effectively overcome stage fright and deal with difficult questions in a way that will bring your full potential to the forefront.

Are you unable to live up to your full potential in the workplace?

Dorigo AG supports private individuals in determining where they currently stand professionally, to job searching, through to coaching after attaining a new position. Our trained consultants can provide you with the tools and methods to help you live your full potential. Our comprehensive coaching methods cover a broad spectrum of services that will assist you in improving your mental performance, professional appearance and in optimising your working techniques.