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Our customers – whether companies or private individuals – are always the focal point of our business activities. We concentrate on addressing their needs and challenges, and on delivering tailor-made solutions at optimal conditions. Loyalty along with maintaining a high degree of responsibility and professionalism in delivering the agreed services are the guiding principles governing our actions.

Quality, commitment, and ownership are the core values to which we orientate ourselves. Our mission is to exceed, rather than just to meet, our clients’ quality expectations.

Sustainability is also of particular importance to us. Our goal is to create a lasting, successful partnership with our customers, and to continuously invest in increasing our own market, business and process competencies.

We carefully select our customer base in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. In each branch we represent, we work with only a select number of companies that are not in direct competition, and we ensure that our client and candidate information remains confidential. We never attempt to recruit candidates that we have recently placed, or placed within the last 12 months.

We view ourselves as a figurehead for our clients, and we meet the responsibility that role carries through our competence, open communication and by fulfilling our obligations.

Respect is of utmost importance for us. We treat our clients and candidates with the equal care and respect, and value the same conduct from our business partners.