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Are your external recruiting costs exploding?

The guiding principle of Dorigo AG is to provide our customers with tailored solutions at a reasonable rate. With this cornerstone in mind, we developed a modular approach to the spectrum of recruiting services we offer. This enables our customers to specifically purchase the services externally that they cannot provide themselves. This targeted approach reduces the customer’s total recruiting costs to a particular module.

Are you finding the right candidates too late, or are people with the wrong profiles applying?

Thanks to our many years of experience as business managers in the relevant markets, we have the ability to recognise the essential abilities and attributes candidates must have. Our approach to finding candidates who fulfil your requirements is varied and includes ad campaigns, candidate databanks, direct approaches, social media platforms, or an optimised mix of these channels. In implementing our search campaign, we rely on our expansive network and our efficient handling processes. This enables us to reduce costs, and maintain high standards of quality.

Do you find it difficult to navigate through the social media jungle when making a target group appeal?

Due to our longstanding experience in the realm of social media, we achieve very good results with our search campaigns. We are pleased to assist you with defining a promising search strategy. We can further support your specific needs with tailored schooling and coaching programmes.

Are you unable to convince potential candidates to transfer to your organisation?

Our managerial experience and unrivalled understanding in the relevant markets enables us to recognise the USP’s of your organisation, and to share this conviction with potential candidates. Through detailed analysis of the profiles we compile, we can evaluate possible added value for your company. For example, we can help you establish your position as a company that helps candidates progress in their careers. If our candidates request it, we can go more deeply into these aspects of our advisory services.

Do you find it difficult to decide which candidate best suits your requirements and your organisation?

By applying our efficient decision-making methods and processes, we can effectively support your choice of candidate. Qualified consultants coupled with professional assessment tools and methods ensure the high quality of our service.

Do you have a high rate of fluctuation in your organisation, and do you find it particularly difficult to retain top talents?

Dorigo AG will fully support you in maximising the potential of your workforce. With our services, you can not only raise performance, you can also ensure that you retain know-how valuable to your enterprise.

Does your company lack team spirit, or is it fraught with internal conflicts?

Sustainable team development is not created with games or outings, but through hard work. We can help you to lead your workforce toward open and genuine teamwork and thereby systemically develop your teams to their full potential. To achieve this, it is crucial to learn efficient conflict management strategies. Our training and coaching programmes are specifically geared to address your challenges and goals.

Is your human resources department continuously placed under more pressure without having the necessary resources to perform at its disposal?

Personnel management is a time-intensive task requiring specialist know-how. Due to their size, small to medium-size businesses are often lacking an internal human resources (HR) department. Even large corporations are often pushing the workload limits of their HR personnel. Dorigo AG can support businesses of any size by providing specifically tailored outsourcing and out-tasking services, whether temporarily bridging gaps or supporting long-term solutions through the acquisition of additional capacities and know-how.

Is the performance of some employees insufficient as a result of stress induced health issues?

The responsibilities and pace in today’s working world are rapidly increasing. As a result, it is absolutely critical that the health and vitality, as well as the physical and mental well-being of your workforce is promoted and sustained. We provide you with the tools and methods necessary to keep your employees motivated and healthy.

Are you still searching for a successor for your area of responsibility or for your company?

A proactive approach to succession policies is essential for the success of our clients. We can help you build the know-how now, that you will need in the future in order to ensure the smooth transition to new leadership. Solid succession policies are also an important aspect of talent management, and they will enable you to retain top talent. The early development of solid succession policies is of paramount importance for owners of small to medium-size enterprises to keep their business afloat.